Solar PV fitting in Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire

How would you like to experience monthly reductions in your energy costs? Not only that – but you can even receive a tax free, index linked income from the surplus electricity you generate in Lincolnshire, by selling it back to the National Grid.

The government has introduced Feed-in Tariff (FIT), which guarantees that you will be paid a pre-arranged amount for the excess electricity your Solar Panel Photovoltaic (PV) makes in Lincolnshire.

Sounds too good to be true? It may do, but it IS true, and you, our valued customers in Lincoln and Lincolnshire, can easily be guaranteed that extra, index linked, tax free income, by allowing Lee Haxby Ltd to install a Solar PV System in your property in Lincolnshire.

QA National Warranties
We offer a third party warranty for all our solar installations from QA National Warranties, one of the UK’s leading providers of insurance backed guarantees.

Do solar panels require planning approval?

You’re possibly wondering if you will need planning permission in Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire? As long as the panels do not protrude more than 20cm from your roof and are no bigger than a certain size, then you’ll not need planning permission. However, if you are in a conservation area, a World Heritage site or your home is a listed building, then we advise you to consult your local planning officer before you go ahead.

Full details on the SolarWorld Sunmodule™ panels that we fit are on this leaflet available to download.


More info?

Further information on solar power including feed-in-tarrifs can be found on the following websites

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